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Large flowers for decoration

Large artificial flowers started to apply in wedding decor relatively recently. Unlike the already familiar decorative accessories, they fascinate with their originality and size. Styling the Banquet Hall with three-dimensional flowers will impress guests. All guests, without any exception, will remember an exclusive decor of your celebration for a long time.

Big flowers can be made from various materials. To create masterpieces of the applied materials insulating paper, foamiran. In our work we use only isolon.

Large flowers catalog

Large paper flowers is an accessible choice for styling. Under the right manufacturing large paper flowers will become a true masterpieces, but not for a long time. Comparing to such a sensitive material as paper, flowers from the foamiran are very stable for the bad environment. Large flowers from the foamiran is the best choice for making the street decorations. However, due to several reasons we do not work with this material.

Large flowers from isolon look very effective. You will not notice that they are made with the simple insulation. Unique ability of the material allow creating any form. With the air brush and right paints isolon can be colored in almost any color.

Примеры использования

image (23).jpg

Manufacturing large flowers with isolon

Behind all the beauty and exclusivity, which large flowers receive from paper, isolon, and foamiran, stands a laborious and delicate work of the floral masters who work with all their hearts.  

To create leaves we use isolon material of different density. First, we cut the leaves with a stencil, then with the special dryer we attach to them necessary form. Next, every detail is combined in a beautiful bud. Using special paints we fill leaves with it. Next flower is dried again and we process it again in order to achieve the desired shade. To make bud to look alive, we draw vessels on the petals with an airbrush.  

Handmade things are always warmer and heartier than manufactured ones, and each flower is unique and unrepeatable.

Production addresses: Fabryczna Street, Klimovsk, District 1 in Mytishchi, Moscow Oblast, Russia

Decorative panels with large flowers

Large flowers by themselves are distinct objects of artistic decor. Nevertheless, large flowers for decoration of the halls are combined into luxurious panels or other decorations. Wall, covered with such amazing flowers, can be used as perfect decorations for wedding ceremony, the interior decoration of any venue, for creating the spectacular photo zone.  

It is impossible to describe all the luxury and greatness of decorative panels in words, it is better to see it with your own eyes.

Photo zone with large flowers

Decoration of weddings with large flowers made of isolon is not restricted by decorating only the Banquet Hall. These great accessories can be used to create stunning photo zones. Thanks to the enormous diversity of flowers for a wedding, you can create a place for photos in any style, whether it's a fabulous celebration of "Alice in Wonderland" or the classical luxurious Royal holiday.

Our design with large flowers

  • задник для молодоженов

    Wedding with large flowers


    Photo zone with large flowers

  • Сладкий стол

    Sweet Tables with large flowers

  • Входная зона

    Entrance area

  • Столы гостей

    Guest tables decor with large flowers

  • e3f3da03c172545106f2458b1bc205380.jpg

    Decoration of promotional activities with large flowers

Order large flowers for decoration of any event

The spectacular large flowers harmoniously look in the decoration of any event and not only it. They are used for decorating entrance zones of restaurants, for decorate banquets and dining tables; for the decoration of boutiques and shopping centers.

In our catalogue you can order or buy large flowers for the decoration of the halls, wedding or other purposes with delivery across all Russia. We accept orders 24 hours a day. Delivery cost is calculated depending on the tariffs of transportation companies. We well make any volumes and produce any flowers!

The most exclusive, artistic flowers in Moscow together with reasonable prices - this is what we can offer to each out client.

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